Butchery Courses at Pitmans, Devon

Here at Pitmans, we can provide a range of Butchery courses, to suit all levels of expertise , helping you to achieve the skill level you desire. All courses are designed to enable you to confidently identify all the cuts you will need before preparing the meat ready for cutting and packing. This includes boning, skinning, chining, rolling joints and tying with butchers knots, mincing, sausage stuffing and linking, bacon curing, equipment and food hygiene.

Pitmans Farm Butchery Course with Steve Pitmans Farm Butchery Course with Steve

Lamb Butchery Course

A half day course to include, course notes, refreshments and a selection of lamb to take home.

You will learn how to recognise the different parts of the lamb, how to break it down and joint it, how to dress the fancier cuts, how to bone and roll and tie butchers knots. You will learn basic knife skills, about health and safety. You will gain the knowledge to butcher your own Lambs for your own consumption or to sell at farmers markets - £85 per person

Pig Butchery Course

A full day course, to include course notes, Lunch and refreshments and a selection of pork to take home.

You will learn how to break down ½ pig carcass into primals and then into joints and cuts, how to recognise the different parts of your pig, how to bone and roll your joints and tie butchers knots, and how to make Sausages and Bacon. You will learn how to look after and safely use your knives, Health and Safety; all you will need to butcher your own meat for the freezer or to pack and sell at Farmers Markets. - £125 per person

Beef Butchery Course

Our beef courses are specifically tailored to your individual requirements, so please contact us for further details.

As with our other Butchery Courses you will learn, basic knife skill, Health and Safety, How to break down the carcass, about the ageing process of Beef, how to tie butchers knots and how to make Sausages and Burgers. You will also have a selection of Beef to take home at the end of the course.

Butchery Course Testimonials

I have recently been fortunate to spend some time with Steve Greenslade from Pitmans learning the art of butchery, from how to hold a knife up to butchering whole deer, pigs and lamb. Steve is a natural teacher and guides you where to cut and the best ways of producing different cuts. In a recent afternoon session, I learnt how to joint out a lamb, seam cutting the individual muscles out and then butterflying them to cook on the BBQ.

The quality of the meat I've worked with was first rate, produced at Pitmans and often rare breed and it has really benefitted my cooking learning about the different cuts, and how best to cook them. I left with a big package of meat to cook at home and some new found skills and appreciation for the art of butchery.

Thanks Steve and Joyce.

Marcus Bawdon


Pitmans butchery courses are completely hands on, and include course notes, lunch and refreshments during the day.

If you are interested in purchasing our professionally butchered meat, please visit our Farm Produce page for prices and further information.

Pitmans Farm Butchery Course Butchery Course in Devon